1255 E Mi Ave Ypsi, MI 48198    734-485-2355

ICE Fishing Bait NOW IN STOCK!! 
Red & White Spikes, Wax worms, Mousies, Wigglers, Pike Minnows, Pike Chubs, Crappie Minnows

Home of
Grandma's Tees
by Gree Gree

Locally Owned & Operated for 32 years!

Located at 1255 E Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti, MI. We're the local American owned shop of many functions! Originally just a bait and tackle shop, we started uptown connected to the carwash in 1985.. we have expanded many times over the last 32 years.

We're the Home of :

Grandma's Tees by Gree Gree!

Clothing & Hats

Crossbows & Darts

Darton Archery & Supplies

Martin Archery & Supplies

Parker Archery & Supplies

24 Hr Live Bait Machine out front (stocked daily)

Rada Knives & Cutlery

Roll Your Own Cases & Accessories

Electric & Hand Rollers

Pipe Tobacco

Roll Your Own Papers

Roll Your Own Tubes


E-cigarettes & Vapor Supplies

All Seasons Fishing Supplies

Pop & Tea


Kids Section

Cigars & Cutters

Lottery & Scratch offs